Web & Branding Projects

Eat Me Nots Project

The Eat Me Nots Project is an educational interactive website for school aged children. Children are able to learn through a series of problem solving games, and reading short stories with moral values.

Serene Beings Project

Serene Beings was a project where the client desired a logo, business cards, and website to be designed in order to market massage services and build new clientele. Also required was an appointment booking form where a holding fee could be directly paid through the website.

Blue Rock Dove Project

Blue Rock Dove Adornments was a group project for brand identity and ecommerce for a client. My role in the design team was as the Art Director, where I was solely responsible for the style guide, logo design, wire-framing, and digital mock-ups.

CSS Zen Garden Project

If you are familiar with www.csszengarden.com it is a challenge for website designers to redesign the website strictly through CSS. My redesign theme was “Aura of Waterfall”.

Movie Trivia Game Project

The Movie Trivia Game Project was a creative collabration. Each member of the group was responsible for developing one game level. I developed level two, 90s Movie Trivia.

T-Tha Branding Project

The T-THA branding project was a brand identity project, where the client required a logo to be used across all media assets such as; album art, music videos intros, and performance flyers.

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